LGBT in the Classroom

This is a tough topic for me because I believe that God created each person with a specific identity. My heart breaks when I see the brokenness in this community. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t love them and it definitely doesn’t mean I refuse to associate with them.

In the video we watched in class, that Catholic school was wrong to kick her out but they have standards and have their own beliefs. Tracy couldn’t get mad at them for practicing their beliefs and not hers. Who is she to say they’re the wrong ones? I am unsure how much of this I will include in my classroom. Since I follow the Bible and take it as truth, I believe it is a sin (no more than gossiping or being selfish) but I don’t want to encourage that lifestyle.

My classroom can and will be a safe place without this instruction because my kids will know for sure they are valued as an individual.



I have never considered the impact of teaching on different hairstyles. I have never thought about the prejudice that can come with it either. After discussing this in class, I have developed a better understanding of what other cultures go through with their hair.

After exploring different hair styles for our hair unit, my eyes were opened to how many tools are out there to educate students. Ultimately, I think it comes down to acceptance and never singling out any students in regards to their looks. I found many good books in my research, including a book by actor Taye Diggs. There are great resources out there to inform and expose kids to the diversity in our country.

All Things Gilmore

If you know me, you know I love four things more than anything else. Jesus, coffee, Katy Perry, and Gilmore girls. Even as I’m typing this post, I’m watching the Pilot. I’m not even ashamed to say I’m on my 7th watch-through….. In less than a year. I just did the math and I’ve watched 28 DAYS of Gilmore girls this year. Copper boom! It has truly changed my life and words per minute.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.46.50 PM.png

A look inside my obsession


When news of the revival started circulating last October, my life became a daily Gilmore girls news checking. When Netflix confirmed it and LG tweeted out the picture with the coat, I literally died inside. I may have shed a few tears. Then came Scott’s tweet. DEAD. This has truly been an exciting time for Gillies everywhere. New set pictures pop up every day and even mysterious wedding items! I’ve had time to process the revival (four 90 minute movies) and I’m ready to tell the people what I want!



Individual Characters
Let’s start with THE Gilmore girl. Emily Gilmore. With Richard gone, her life will look drastically different. I expect them to pick the series up anywhere from 6 months to one year after his death. Emily will still be in their house, but questioning if she should move closer to her daughter. Maybe not all the way to Stars Hollow but just closer. After Richard’s death, Emily made more efforts to be a part of Lorelai’s life. Emily loves the people in Lorelai’s life now and their relationship has grown a ton in the last nine years.
Now, the coolest mom ever, Lorelai Gilmore. She has been taking over the world of Inns for the last nine years. She decided to sell her inn and took a job running/overseeing other inns. She makes about $150,000 a year and it now makes sense how she can afford that huge house. Lorelai only took the promotion on the ground of overseeing inns in the Stars Hollow and Hartford area so she could stay close to the person she loves…..She continues to be the Queen of SH and is crushing the fashion game, as always.  In an effort to remain cool, Lorelai attempted giving up coffee for lent in 2009 and it resulted in a Britney Spears type meltdown. Her fast lasted 3 days. She is also a proud owner of a Rose Gold iPhone and communicates through gifs.
Rory Gilmore. She worked closely with Obama on the campaign trail and when he won, he offered her a job as the White House Press Secretary. She accepted but later resigned when she was offered a journalistic job at the New York Times. Rory has been a foreign correspondent for the Times for the last 5 years. She is itching for something new and someone new. She has been so busy and traveling so much she hasn’t had time for a serious relationship although her and Jess have remained acquaintances because of his involvement in the publishing world.
The man of every girls’ dreams…. Luke Danes. Luke’s is as popular as ever. Remaining almost exactly the same, people fill its seats all day. Craving more time with loved ones, Luke hirers a cook. After months of extensive training, Luke was finally satisfied with his abilities and set him free. He finally has normal hours, working 9-5 four days a week. However, he still wakes up at 4 a.m. for early deliveries. He is as happy as he’s ever been.
Who’s Dating Who?!
Emily Gilmore is single. She cannot fathom dating ever again after her loving husband “Bill”.
Rory Gilmore is single, single, single. She is about 31 now and is wanting to settle down and start a family. All while taking over the journalism world still. Her and Jess have remained friends but nothing romantic has come of it. Jess has been single all this time as well but they have both been too busy to even think about a relationship with anyone, let alone each other. Dean moved away from SH and is married to Lindsay with four kids. Logan graduated and went to work with his father. He is still a privileged, white male and doesn’t have to work that hard.
Lorelei ended up getting back with Christopher.
Luke and Lorelai remained together after “Bon Voyage” and married a month later. They married on the Gazebo with Rory as maid of honor, Richard walking Lorelai down the aisle, Kirk as best man, and Paul Anka carried the rings. They both wanted a small, intimate wedding but of course the whole town came and Ms. Patty even had her school of dance perform during the reception. They have been happily married for 9 years and live in Lorelai’s house. They both wanted kids but struggled to get pregnant and ended up not having any.

Be still my heart……

In conclusion……
I obviously want to see and Luke/Lor wedding but I refuse to live in a world where they haven’t been married since we last saw them. I want them to have kids….. like badly….. but Lor’s 48 now and is past her time. The only way I would’ve wanted them to have kids is to have been able to experience it along with them. Maybe we’ll get a good Lorelai menopause storyline?!
That’s all I have for now. Praise God for Gg.See you soon, Stars Hollow.

Native American Education Resources

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I think it’s important to educate our students. So what could we do to actually implement a unit about Native Americans? As I mentioned, I have spent a great deal of time on an Indian Reservation and would consider myself pretty knowledgable on this topic.

It would be really cool to follow Native Americans in time. We could do a lesson on life before America was discovered, life while the settlers arrived (could go very in-depth with older grades, like middle school),  and life after they arrived, including what life is like for them currently today. They still face a lot of opposition so I think it would be really eye-opening for them to see that life still isn’t all great for them.

This would be a hard and serious lesson to teach but history should never be avoided.

Native Americans vs Columbus

How crazy is it that we don’t teach about true Native American culture? I spent a week on the Rosebud reservation in South Dakota and was amazed at how much culture and history was left out of my lessons. It was a great experience that really helped me develop a better appreciation for them.

They were robbed of land. They were treated very poorly. They were here first. That is what we need to educate our kids on. Is Columbus a vital part of history? Of course. Is he the man who “discovered” America. No. We need to discuss that and help our students develop a better understanding of Native Americans and how important they are to the history of our country.

Code Switching

Last week, we discussed a lot about how to deal with students who talk in a specific way that is special and meaningful to them, all while encouraging them to be well-spoken and well-educated individuals. Since we want to encourage students to take pride in their culture, we definitely can’t encourage them to talk differently. By telling them to talk differently, we are saying that their language is inferior.

By introducing code switching to students, we will be able to help them speak professionally and appropriately in situations where it is required. They will be able to discern which way of speaking is appropriate for each situation they are in.

Code switching is a great idea, as long as we still encourage them to practice their normal language and make sure they know we aren’t taking away from their culture. I do believe code switching is a way for students to still take pride in their culture and their ways, while still being a professional adult.

Jim Crow and America Today

The stereotypes that arose through the Jim Crow laws were stunning. Not only were they straight up lies, they were hurtful and not just at that time. It has carried on into society today. I feel like I’m a very welcoming and loving person but those stereotypes that began through Jim Crow are still relevant in society today. Racism is getting more and more heated and is getting more and more attention.

Can’t we all just decide to not believe stereotypes unless we actually experience them? I’ve never met an African American who is in a gang, is violent, or has been to prison. We should all strive for peace among everyone.

I think Beyonce took a big step in releasing her song, “Formation.” As a white person, I have no shame in admitting I have absolutely no idea what it means. I don’t understand the references. I don’t understand the video. I don’t get it. And I don’t have to. That song is not for me. While it can still educate me, I think Beyonce wrote that song as a song of pride for African Americans, which they really need right now. I don’t need to understand every part of them, but I do need to understand that they are humans and deserve respect and love.

Literature Conference

The African American Literature conference is a good experience for any teaching major to attend. While it was great to hear about which types of literature to read to your students, I took away one major point that I hope to carry with me throughout my career.

Reading books will change the way you learn and view the world. What I mean by that is that reading books challenge your thinking and expand your vocabulary. It helps you use critical thinking. It helps you think beyond the words on the page. It also helps you see the world in a different way. You can be exposed to different cultures, religions, or geographic regions just to name a few. It helps us to be well-cultured without us actually having to travel across the world.

It helps students enter an alternate universe which could make them feel safe and accepted. Literature should be easily accessed in our schools and I know when I become a teacher I will do my best to have as much literature available as possible. I want my students to be well-read and challenged daily in their book of choice.

Sheltering Vs. Exposing

In class, we discussed whether or not we should shelter our kids or expose them to the truth. We discussed the George Washington book and how many people wanted it pulled off the shelves due to its relation to slavery.

In my opinion, we need to expose our kids to as much reality as we can. Slavery happened and while it’s a shame it took so long to ban it, it happened and is a crucial part to American history that needs to be addressed.

As a teacher, I never want to shy away from discussing hard topics. While I may take more of a side to certain cultural issues, I will try my hardest to stay unbiased all while exposing the kids to the reality of what is happening in our country.

I want to center my class on current events and find a way to relate them to the class. I had a teacher that always brought in controversial issues and allowed an in-depth class discussion where everyone was free to discuss in a polite way.

I really want my classroom to be set up like that. Where kids are exposed and given the truth because they deserve to know the truth.

Books, Children, and American Society

I grew up in a town with no African Americans. A couple Hispanics, a few Asians. Everywhere I looked, I saw white. I saw the same clothes. I saw the same family set-up. I saw everything the same.

I believe at an early age, God placed the love of a city in my heart. At the age of 10, I remember walking through downtown Minneapolis and falling in love with the concrete, the busy streets, and the different people. I’ve desired to live in a concrete jungle since. Now, my desire is to live in Chicago.

Teaching in Chicago will be a challenge I know I won’t be prepared for but it’s a challenge I am ready to accept. It blows my mind that children aren’t read to. My hope is that I will be the kind of teacher that flips their world upside down and can help their literacy skills grow, as well as help with their social and emotional health. I believe that inner-cities reflect well on what American society is truly like. It is a melting pot of different races, religions, backgrounds, morals, class, and families.

As a teacher I really desire to put what we learned in class last week into good use. I want to read to my students every single day, multiple times a day  because I know that it will be very likely that when they get home, they won’t be read to. I desire to provide a literature based classroom where I can show students that books are more than meaningless knowledge, they are stories than can relate to your life and possibly help you through a difficult season of life.