LGBT in the Classroom

This is a tough topic for me because I believe that God created each person with a specific identity. My heart breaks when I see the brokenness in this community. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t love them and it definitely doesn’t mean I refuse to associate with them.

In the video we watched in class, that Catholic school was wrong to kick her out but they have standards and have their own beliefs. Tracy couldn’t get mad at them for practicing their beliefs and not hers. Who is she to say they’re the wrong ones? I am unsure how much of this I will include in my classroom. Since I follow the Bible and take it as truth, I believe it is a sin (no more than gossiping or being selfish) but I don’t want to encourage that lifestyle.

My classroom can and will be a safe place without this instruction because my kids will know for sure they are valued as an individual.



I have never considered the impact of teaching on different hairstyles. I have never thought about the prejudice that can come with it either. After discussing this in class, I have developed a better understanding of what other cultures go through with their hair.

After exploring different hair styles for our hair unit, my eyes were opened to how many tools are out there to educate students. Ultimately, I think it comes down to acceptance and never singling out any students in regards to their looks. I found many good books in my research, including a book by actor Taye Diggs. There are great resources out there to inform and expose kids to the diversity in our country.