Jim Crow and America Today

The stereotypes that arose through the Jim Crow laws were stunning. Not only were they straight up lies, they were hurtful and not just at that time. It has carried on into society today. I feel like I’m a very welcoming and loving person but those stereotypes that began through Jim Crow are still relevant in society today. Racism is getting more and more heated and is getting more and more attention.

Can’t we all just decide to not believe stereotypes unless we actually experience them? I’ve never met an African American who is in a gang, is violent, or has been to prison. We should all strive for peace among everyone.

I think Beyonce took a big step in releasing her song, “Formation.” As a white person, I have no shame in admitting I have absolutely no idea what it means. I don’t understand the references. I don’t understand the video. I don’t get it. And I don’t have to. That song is not for me. While it can still educate me, I think Beyonce wrote that song as a song of pride for African Americans, which they really need right now. I don’t need to understand every part of them, but I do need to understand that they are humans and deserve respect and love.


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