Literature Conference

The African American Literature conference is a good experience for any teaching major to attend. While it was great to hear about which types of literature to read to your students, I took away one major point that I hope to carry with me throughout my career.

Reading books will change the way you learn and view the world. What I mean by that is that reading books challenge your thinking and expand your vocabulary. It helps you use critical thinking. It helps you think beyond the words on the page. It also helps you see the world in a different way. You can be exposed to different cultures, religions, or geographic regions just to name a few. It helps us to be well-cultured without us actually having to travel across the world.

It helps students enter an alternate universe which could make them feel safe and accepted. Literature should be easily accessed in our schools and I know when I become a teacher I will do my best to have as much literature available as possible. I want my students to be well-read and challenged daily in their book of choice.


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