Sheltering Vs. Exposing

In class, we discussed whether or not we should shelter our kids or expose them to the truth. We discussed the George Washington book and how many people wanted it pulled off the shelves due to its relation to slavery.

In my opinion, we need to expose our kids to as much reality as we can. Slavery happened and while it’s a shame it took so long to ban it, it happened and is a crucial part to American history that needs to be addressed.

As a teacher, I never want to shy away from discussing hard topics. While I may take more of a side to certain cultural issues, I will try my hardest to stay unbiased all while exposing the kids to the reality of what is happening in our country.

I want to center my class on current events and find a way to relate them to the class. I had a teacher that always brought in controversial issues and allowed an in-depth class discussion where everyone was free to discuss in a polite way.

I really want my classroom to be set up like that. Where kids are exposed and given the truth because they deserve to know the truth.


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